At Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club, we are always holding the bar high in instruction, and quality. When you become a member with us, you become part of a family. We train together and expect members to pass on what they learned to others. The programs we designed are to welcome all skills, physical conditioning, and to support whatever fitness goals an individual may have.

Muay Thai Kids (ages 6-12)

Children ages 6-12 will learn to grow in confidence both physically and mentally. Discipline is taught throughout in various forms of lessons. They will learn the foundation of Muay Thai, the basic kicks and punches, elbows & knees, and will be pushed at times to their limits with the encouragement of both fellow members and seasoned instructors.


All Levels (Mornings/Afternoons)
The weekday morning/afternoon classes usually tend to be smaller classes with a variety of skill level. The smaller classes allow for more individualized attention from the instructor(s). Techniques vary from basic fundamentals, self-defense techniques to more advanced technique depending on the overall skill level of the class.

Fundamentals (No experience required)
This class is ideal for beginners with no experience, or those looking to improve their fundamental techniques.

Basic techniques are presented such as punches, kicks, clinch, and footwork. Although there is no sparring in fundamentals, simple sparring drills may be presented, such as offense/defense or situational drills.

These sparring drills are not “live” and will be monitored closely by instructor(s).

Intermediate (2-3 month minimum training suggested)
The suggested pre-requisite for experience is 2-3 month minimum. Students should understand the basic terminology, techniques, and pad holding for Muay Thai. Intermediate class will also incorporate more contact than fundamentals, as well as sparring & clinch work.

Advanced (5-month minimum training suggested)
The difference between advanced and intermediate is that classes will incorporate more contact, sparring, and clinching to add to the overall conditioning. There will be less focus on instruction, and more focus on actual training. A higher level of expectation regarding knowledge of Muay Thai techniques (pad holding as well) will be demanded of all students who attend.